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# Introduction

This is an effort to centralize all public presentations about Vue.js and associated libraries/frameworks. It catalogs presentations by theme and year, and can be used to help speakers find presentations that are open for reuse. So that knowledge can be shared at local events without having to recreate each presentation.

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Presentations by themes:

Components (1 presentation)

Create your own component library (2018) by Adrien Montagu +

Discover how to create your own component library.

Docker (1 presentation)

Docker for Frontend Developers (2020) by Frederic Cabassut +

A short introduction on how I use docker in my workflow as a Frontend Developer, making it the only dependency I ever need to bootstrap a new project. I share and show you a concrete example using VueJS.

Machine Learning (1 presentation)

Image classification to gif with ML5.js (2020) by Sybren Willemot +

Let's try out Machine Learning in a Vue.js project! Using the image classifier of ML5.js to get a matching gif from the Giphy API.

Pattern (1 presentation)

Setup a complex vue project (2018) by Adrien Montagu +

How create a good base for a complex project in Vue ? See how integrate vue-i18n, code splitting, automatic component registration, vuex namespace, with a bonus or login reusable logic (on the separate branch withLogin)

Webpack (1 presentation)

The Vue on Webpack (2020) by Adrien Montagu +

Let discover how Vue and Webpack work together: Create complex dev server, adding custom plugin, understanding the vue webpack config, create your own SFC tag and more.

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