# Call for Proposals (CFPs)

So you're interested in giving talks about your experience with Vue.js? We couldn't be more excited to hear that! In light of that, we have created this section in order to make it easier for you to find opportunities to speak along with resources for those wanting to learn more about CFPs.

# Purpose

This section is intended to provide a single source of truth for Vue.js developers who want to speak at conferences. While we will not be able to provide an exhaustive list of every conference in the world, we will make a concerted effort to keep this list up to date with any conferences that are open to talks on Vue.js.

# Current CFPs

# FAQs

# How do I add my conference on here?

Looking for Vue.js speakers? You're in the right place! All you have to do is submit a new issue to request and you should hear back from the team within 24-48 hours.